Green Roads CBD Daily Dose


December 20, 2018


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Green Roads CBD Daily Dose

CBD Syringe Dosage

Green Roads World has the right daily dosage of CBD oil pre-measured and ready for delivery. All of these syringes carry 1ml of the product but the CBD contents vary. The Daily Dose CBD Terps deliver 7mg of CBD and an incredible flavor. The Daily Dose Formulas carry either 23mg, 33mg, or 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD. A board-certified pharmacist selected the CBD syringe dosage for each of these products. She referenced her twenty years of experience when creating these items before they were sent to a third-party lab for quality testing. Green Roads World is looking to create an open and communicative experience for CBD customers. They offer an exhaustive FAQ, and their customer service team is available to assist with any further questions.